How to Set up a WordPress site in 5 minutes on

Cloud9 is a cloud for developers to setup a testing servers quickly without any configurations. Meaning we could setup a WordPress installation with a few clicks and start building our site within 5 minutes or less. While saving us time without messing around with servers / domains /localhost etc.

  1. Go to and click “Sign up” / “Try now” button.
    1- cloud 9 sign up
  2. Fill username, email. password. click on “I’m not a robot”.  then click on “Create your free account”.
    2 - cloud 9 sign up
  3. In the next screen, click “Go to your dashboard”.
    3- cloud 9 go to dashboard
  4. In dashboard screen, click “Create new workplace”.
    4 - cloud 9 create workspace
  5. Fill the work spacename (Could be any name in one word), click on the WordPress icon,  then on “Create workspace”.
    5 - cloud 9 set workspace name and template
  6. Wait while workspace loading. (in case the progress bar stops, just refresh the page and the workspace will load).
    6 - cloud 9 creating workspace
  7. Inside the workspace, just click “Run project”.
    7 - cloud 9 run project
  8.  Now select the URL in the blue field at the bottom blue bar.
    8 - cloud 9 copy project URL
  9. Right click, and “copy”.
    9- cloud 9 copy project URL
  10. Paste in a new tab the URL, hit “Enter”, and you will find yourself the setup WordPress page.
    10 - cloud 9 setup wordpress

For any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment.

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